H_Helping Hand (Part of the Be Happy Series)

Sure, I’d love to help you out .. now, which way did you come in? 

That was my attempt at humor :p 

Hey! I think I just improvised on the “H” of  

B.E _ H.A.P.P.Y! 

See the Humor in every situation! 

That would work too, but today I want to focus on something that brings a deeper, more lasting and more profound sense of Joy to our lives – the genuine Bliss that comes from experiencing a sense of purpose. 

Looking for help


Such a small word, but think back on a time when you were really in pickle and someone helped you out. Or even better – think back on a time when you realized someone was having a problem, and you helped them out. How did being helped, make you feel? How did helping someone in need, make you feel? 

It is not always easy to ask for help. No one understands that better than I do. I all too often avoid asking for help, to the point of self-sabotage. It’s stupid and if you do this too, I’ll repeat that. 


And it serves no purpose. Refusing to ask for help actually feels worse than any situation that we might find ourselves in. By not asking for help, we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to feel HOPE. 

Not too long ago, for the very first time, I did something I’ve only ever read about and seen on TV: I served food to the poverty stricken community from a “soup kitchen” type of setup. At first, I felt very awkward. I felt almost ashamed of my own “privileged” life. But then, seeing only gratitude and joy on the faces of those hungry children, adults and the elderly, I realized that the only emotion that they were feeling, was gratitude. They did not envy me, they did not judge me. They had no expectations of me. They only allowed joy and gratitude into their space. 

They taught me to allow only joy gratitude into my own space. 

By serving these humble humans, I was able to let go of my own expectation of what it meant to be “good enough”. In that moment, to those people, I was exactly what they needed me to be. I was the answer to their prayers. I was Enough. 

Just like you and I enjoy helping others, seeing their joy or relief at some small thing we did for them, others are made of that same stuff. Others also enjoy being useful. It’s how we’re programmed as human beings. It is programmed into our DNA as a survival tool. 

Back at the Dawn of Time, our very survival depended on numbers. Those who helped others, and allowed others to help them, survived. They were the very fathers of the evolutionary process of which you and I are the end result. Helping our tribe and accepting help, lies at the very core of our Being, whether we are aware of it or not. 

Well, now you are aware of it, so now you can make peace with it and embrace it. 

As soon as you embrace your Nature and stop denying the core of your Being, you will experience a sense of Harmony with Nature that you currently might not even know exists. 

It can be as simple as just saying “thank you” when your colleague offers to pay for your coffee, or allowing a friend to watch your kids for a few hours so that you can just sit in silence and catch a break. See how much joy you get from extending simple kindnesses, like offering a cool drink to the panting stray on your sidewalk, or helping the young mother get her parcels into the car while her baby is screaming on her hip. Perhaps you want to get involved with a community project like making up food parcels or volunteering at an animal shelter.  

Open yourself up to receiving help, and recognize that the small things you do, might make a huge difference to someone. Place yourself in situations, and surround yourself with people, for who you are Enough. 

That’s the long and the short of it: Helping others and allowing others to help you, is good for your soul and will bring you a sense of purpose and lasting happiness. Allow others to gather their own “good karma”, too. By denying others the opportunity to help you, you are depriving them of that wonderful feeling of being useful and valuable. You are forcing them to deny their own core and Being. 

Helping out doesn’t have to be spectacular or flamboyant. Do what you can, when you can, and allow others to do the same for you. In these simple acts of love, you will find a hidden treasure called Happiness.  

You Are Enough. 

Hakuna Matata 

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