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Benefits of working with OMSYV

We take a personal apporach

Reduce Stress

The further you move away from the real, authentic "you", the more stressed you become. Let us be your partners in learning to reconnect with the REAL you - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually

Loose Weight

By combining the ancient science of Ayurveda with the modern science behind the ChangeCreator Formula, you, too, can learn how to tune in to your body and help it return to its natural state of perfect balance and healthy weight.

Balance Your Life

A "balanced life" is more than just a manageable work-family schedule. True balance, harmony and PEACE comes when there is a great balance between the mental, the physical, the emotional and spiritual bodies and aspects of your reality. We will guide you to this beautiful discovery.

Change your personal reality

Changing your personal reality involves changing the way you think, feel and act. We'll guide you on the path to changing all three through the use of the world-class ChangeCreator Formula Program.
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You Can Always Control What Goes on Inside

Ayurveda promotes preventative and therapeutic remedies, as well as purification and rejuvenation techniques. Om My Soul YogaVeda has partnered with Vishal Ayurveda for the more intensive Panchakarma therapies (a full consultation will determine if these more extreme measures may be necessary and beneficial in your healing journey. The first and best place to start is almost always by committing to some form of more gentle detoxification). 

Ayurveda is more than just a healing method; it’s also a science and an art of living that promotes longevity. It can help every individual choose the right food, lifestyle, and exercise to restore balance in the body, mind, and consciousness, avoiding dis-ease from entering the system. 

Every human being, according to Ayurveda, is a unique manifestation of cosmic consciousness manifested through the five primary elements of ether, air, fire, water, and earth. These are known in Ayurveda as the “doshas”. 

Book your 30min free discovery session to discover your dosha and determine if you have any imbalances that can be addressed. 

Ayurveda strives to bring the body back into balance so that we experience boundless energy, stable, healthy weight, deep and restful sleep, joy, optimism and contentment (no depression) and live a long, healthy life.

“The main goal of Ayurveda is to help people live long enough in a healthy, pain-free body so that they have enough time on this Earth to achieve Enlightenment.”

My Name is Elanie

Ayurvedic Coach, Yoga Instructor, Author

When you come to see me, you will get all of me. My time, my energy, my expertise, but most of all, my heart.

Now, it is up to you. When you are ready to take control of your life, your health, your very destiny, come and see me. I look forward to guiding you and helping you get your life back, the same way that I did.

Dear Rogi (that's you!)

I’m so glad we found each other. 

I know you’re hurting and I’m here and ready to help you get better. 

I know you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. I also know and respect that you have been on one “plan” after another, taken every pill and powder that held the promise of getting your health and sanity back, and nothing has worked. Well, they all worked for a while, and then they just didn’t anymore. You felt better for a while, and then you just didn’t anymore. 

It was the same for me. I started believing that maybe I just had a slow metabolism. Maybe my hormones were shot. Or maybe I was just “big-boned” or it “ran in the family”. I started believing that maybe I was just destined to die young… like my parents did. 

It sucks, doesn’t it? 

You’ve tried everything. Lost the weight, felt better, even hoped and believed that “this time, the weight is gone for good. This time, the depression won’t come back. This time, I won’t go back to pills.” 

But it did, and you did. 

You’re so tired of the constant roller-coaster of emotional highs and lows – and the highs and lows in your weight and health. You’re starting to wonder if this is just how it’s going to be for you for the rest of your life…. You just want to be free of the endless loop of living your life around food. 

But deep down inside, you KNOW it shouldn’t be this hard! 

You’re smart, you’re driven, you’re committed. And when you set your mind to something, you usually get what you want, so what are you doing wrong? 

Oh Hunny, I get it! I was YOU! 

Well, life kept happening, I kept on keeping on, trying one “solution” after another. I got older, I got divorced… I got remarried and we wanted a baby together. It just didn’t happen. One fertility treatment after another, I finally found out that I was in menopause. 

The real thing, not the pre-thing. 

I was only 36. Thankfully, I had my two beautiful boys from my previous marriage, but to get such news at such a young age… I felt so alone! None of my friends could possibly understand. My body was behaving like someone 20 years older than me! Was I really starting to “die young”? 

Maybe you’re as scared as I was. Maybe you have those diseases we all fear in your family, too. 

The cancer. The diabetes. The heart disease. 

What if you’re genetically programmed to get those, too? 

Well, you know what? YOU’RE NOT! 

It doesn’t have to be like that. You can get completely well, get your body and your future to look exactly the way you want it, and never have another hungry day in your life! That’s what I learned through the last 20 years of my own searching for the REAL truth about health. 

I healed myself through understanding my body. I healed my mind, and through my own healing, I healed my relationships. And this is what I want for you, with all my heart – IF this is what you want for you. 

As we grow up, grow older, we get to know ourselves a little better. We get to a point where we are mature enough to be honest with ourselves about the sacrifices we are willing to make. You’re at the age now where you’re no longer willing to betray or deny your own truth to please others – and that’s OK! 

You love food, you love having free time to spend with your loved ones and friends. You value quiet time to be with just yourself, you value feeling healthy and energetic and you are not willing to go on some rigid regime and torture yourself again, just to have a few temporary months of fitting into your “skinny-me-jeans”. 

And quite frankly, you’ve traveled this road so often before, it’s gotten to a point where you feel embarrassed to tell anyone you’re going to try something new. 


Let’s face it – none of the other things you’ve tried have worked, so why should this? People will support you, sure, but what if they laugh behind your back, just waiting for you to “fail” – for the weight to come back – yet again – like it did every other time? Oh, why can’t you just eat what you want and be free and happy and healthy, like so many other people seem to do so easily! 

I know you’re scared. You’re too young to feel this old! You’re “doing everything right” – you’re exercising (OK, sometimes), you’re eating healthy food (mostly), you have a happy family life and a good job… you have no real reason to be feeling so miserable, yet you do. 

You want to have more energy to be a better parent. You know that if you felt better, you would achieve more of your goals. You know that if you could just maintain a healthy weight without it having to be a constant struggle, you would feel so much more confident. 
So much more desirable. 
So much more free. 

It’s possible. It’s possible for YOU. 

I didn’t believe it – some days I still can’t believe it – but with a little guidance and a few small changes in your choices, it is possible for you, too. 

I used to believe that the only way to keep the weight off, to keep my mind clear and to feel good, was to exercise myself to death and starve. Turns out, that has nothing to do with it. 

The secret lies in understanding how Nature created us and work with what we were given. I can teach you that. 

I can’t wait to teach you that! 

Are you ready to give it one, final shot? I can, and I will help you. You’re here because you’re ready to try something different. Something that feels too simple and easy to work – but it does. It is possible to discover yourself and approach your health from a space of love, not criticism. 

No pills. 
No powders. 
No quick fixes. 

But also, no returning to the roller-coaster, see-saw, yo-yo you of the past. Conventional health fads haven’t worked. Yes, you’re strong, but you’re also tired. I know… you’re just about ready to give up. 

But don’t. Not just yet. 

Maybe there is a way. Maybe Ayurveda is the answer you’ve been looking for all your life. Maybe nature and harmony and knowledge that has been proven for over 5000 years, is the answer. 

Let me connect the dots for you. 

You are the result of your entire life’s choices, and your future will be the result of your new choices. And your entire future lies ahead of you, a blank, unwritten book. You don’t have to keep on writing and re-writing the same story. When you just understand what has led you to where you are today, you can take control of your destiny. 

Call me, let’s talk.